Emily Rodgers

musician. performer. teacher.

Emily Rodgers is an accomplished cellist and teacher. Available to teach beginners to advanced, children to seniors. Also available for solo or ensemble performances.

Adult Beginner

I'm a beginner cellist starting at an older age of 34 but I have some experience with Viola and Violin about 10 years ago. I've had private instructors in both those instruments. I have to say that Emily is by far the BEST music teacher I've had! She was able to break down complex topics into simple subjects I could understand. Things that I never quite understood while playing Viola/violin are finally starting to click.

I was a bit embarrassed that I didn't know some of the more basics of music and music theory considering I have some experience with stringed instruments. However, Emily readily explained all of the beginner material in a way that I finally understood! I'm learning to read music, not just memorize it. I've been playing cello about 2 months know and I'm really happy with the progress I've made. I'm having fun and I'm learning. Emily's tutelage has put me onto a lifelong path of cello playing. If you are considering learning the cello yourself, definitely go with Emily as a teacher!


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