Emily Rodgers

musician. performer. teacher.

Emily Rodgers is an accomplished cellist and teacher. Available to teach beginners to advanced, children to seniors. Also available for solo or ensemble performances.

Adult Beginner

I'm a beginner cellist starting at an older age of 34 but I have some experience with Viola and Violin about 10 years ago. I've had private instructors in both those instruments. I have to say that Emily is by far the BEST music teacher I've had! She was able to break down complex topics into simple subjects I could understand. Things that I never quite understood while playing Viola/violin are finally starting to click.

I was a bit embarrassed that I didn't know some of the more basics of music and music theory considering I have some experience with stringed instruments. However, Emily readily explained all of the beginner material in a way that I finally understood! I'm learning to read music, not just memorize it. I've been playing cello about 2 months know and I'm really happy with the progress I've made. I'm having fun and I'm learning. Emily's tutelage has put me onto a lifelong path of cello playing. If you are considering learning the cello yourself, definitely go with Emily as a teacher!


Cello Music for My Wedding

Dear Emily, Thank you SO MUCH for playing your cello at my wedding!  It meant so much to me to have you play some of my favorites pieces, and your playing was beautiful. My wedding was everything that I dreamed it would be, and your playing set the tone for entire ceremony, making it very special.  I can’t wait to see the video of my wedding so that I can hear the pieces that you played before the wedding procession, and to re-listen to my favorites.  You went above and beyond, and I’m so glad that you were there to be a part of my special day.  

Sincerely, Elaine Couture

from the Bairds

Emily is a wonderful teacher who is fabulous for beginners or advanced students.  My son has special needs and really struggles sticking with anything and Emily has been extra patient and kind with him.  She also challenges him to work harder.  I haven't had to hound my son for practicing or getting ready for recitals, he wants to do it on his own most all the time!

-Carolyn Baird

Awesome for adult beginners

It can be hard to try to learn an instrument as an adult after years of not playing and reading music. Trying to learn to play a string instrument is anxiety squared. I started lessons with Emily two years ago. Since then, the cello has become a rewarding and consuming hobby.

Emily's approach to teaching is stepwise and calming. She starts you slowly and teaches you only what you need to know at that step. She adds complexity as you improve. And she does it with great patience. Before you know it, you are playing pieces you wouldn't have thought you could. 

And it's a bonus to get to hear her play!

Marianne Flagg

Cello Review

While I may be an older student and not practiced in any kind of music in the last decade Emily was incredibly patient with me. The lessons are very affordable and enjoyable and it's something I would enjoy doing for years! She's a wonderful instructor that really understands how to nurture actual understanding. Setting realistic goals and taking steps along the way to check you've passed each one, she's a teacher that can creat success and fun for her students even through the often common frustrations of learning new skills. 10/10 I would highly recommend her!

Danielle Oremus

Low Pressure, Excellent Instruction

My daughter has been taking cello lessons from Emily for 2+ years now.  Emily has a low-pressure style that has worked wonders for us; my daughter sometimes gets frustrated practicing but always loves her lessons!  The biggest reason my daughter is progressing well and sticking with the cello  (after rejecting the violin, piano, and flute) is the excellent instruction she gets from Emily.

Alice Antonioli


Our daughter, Libby, started playing cello about 18 months ago under Emily's instruction. Emily has always been able to teach to Libby's individual skill level & challenge her just enough to keep her interested. Libby received First Chair in her middle school orchestra after only 9 months with Emily and is now in Honors Orchestra as a freshman in high school. She has also been asked to put on solo concerts throughout the year with a local retirement community. Most importantly, Emily has fostered a love of cello in Libby!

Erin Tiderman-Gross


Emily has been my daughter's cello teacher for about 7 months now.  In that time, my daughter has grown to love the cello immensely, and she has come a long way in a short time playing this beautiful instrument!  Emily is a great teacher with a wonderful balance of encouragement, kindness, and firmness.  I would recommend Emily to anyone who is looking for an excellent cello teacher for their child!


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